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Section of the programs and utilities for work with a format MP3Pro, MP3, WMA, OGG etc. Majority from accessible here of programs are located on that the server, where and given page, that guarantees a minimum of problems for want of download (as is spoken, if you read it, also programs download :-)

40 programs of total volume 35 Mb at present are accessible.


  • New! U-MiX Studio v0.777 Beta 2.2 VG - DJ tools (451 Kb), for mixing WAV and MP3.

    Features: Spectro-analyser, Playback Level Indicator, File Info Indicator, ID3-Tag Info (w/o genres), Fixed Mix-Time - 7 Sec., Drag'n'drop etc.


  • New! Thomson MP3Pro Audio Player v1.0.4 - Universal player (1,15 Mb), for MP3Pro and MP3-files. Has the built-in demo-version of an encoder permitting to convert the wave-file in MP3Pro. Restriction - coding, only with 64 kBps bitrate. In version 1.0.4 the quality of coding approximately on 25 % is improved, and also the quality of decoding is improved and the stability of the program for want of reproduction of the damaged mp3PRO/MP3-files is enlarged. It is possible to take the previous version - 1.0.2 (1,15 Mb) here.


  • New! Ahead MPEG2 Plugin 1.2 (for Nero) - plug-in (266 Kb), permitting to add support of a format MPEG2 in Nero Burning ROM for recording DVD-R/RW or SVCD.

  • New! Ahead MP3 PRO Plugin (for Nero) - plug-in (258 Kb), permitting to add support of a format mp3PRO in practically any versions Nero Burning ROM or to remove shareware-restrictions. Contains the full version of an encoder mp3PRO for use anyone accessible bitrates.

  • New! mpg123 Decoder 1.18 (for Winamp) - plug-in-decoder (145 Kb), which consider as one from best for playing MP3-files, coded by Lame.

  • New! Mukoli Out_Lame Encoder 1.61 (with Lame 3.90/1.26) - plug-in-encoder (243 Kb), Permitting to convert any file or files, which are played with yours of Winamp in MP3 by the help of a Lame-encoder. There is a possibility to change version Lame by a simple replacement DLL on newer, for example, for the fresher version - 3.91. Defect (for someone) - French interface.

  • mp3PRO Audio Decoder v1.0 - plug-in-decoder for Winamp (174 Kb), allows to play MP3Pro-files with anyone bitrate. Also begins to decode through itself and usual MP3-files and makes it of very qualitatively, the technologies Fraunhofer have an effect. Differences from previous (0.98 beta 5) versions: the quality of decoding is improved, the errors originating for want of to work with the VBR-files MP3s, and also error disconnecting plug-in for MP3-files are fitted. Now mp3PRO-decoder is used with the standard editor of ID3-tags from Winamp'a and normally works with playlists, containing an empty entry.
    It is possible to take the previous version - 0.98 beta 5 (176 Kb), here.

  • Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder (OGG) 1.16g - updated plug-in-decoder (112 Kb) for Winamp, permitting to play OGG-files. This version differs by that supports latest version OGG Vorbis - RC3. What it signifies? And that in a format Vorbis OGG now, except for optimization for low bitrates (that removes it in the competitors MP3Pro), the quality of sounding is improved, the choice of various variants variable bitrates is added, and also the possibility of the task certain bitrate (is natural, too variable). Compression/quality thus is possible more thinly to control a ratio and "to emulate" constant bitrate.
    Visit - official site of this promising format.
    It is possible to take the previous version - 1.16c (112 Kb) here.

  • MAD plug-in 0.14 beta 2 - One from fresh indirect decoders for Winamp (145 Kb), developed rather for a long time and considered by one from the best decoders for reproduction MP3s. Allows to install the target sanction from 8 up to 32 bits (8, 16, and also 24 and 32 with an interpolation). Has a very precise and qualitative sound. The defect - cut-off of the standard editor of ID3-tags, but it, as always, "is treated" in due course. Is distributed under license GNU. Site of the developers - I recommend!

  • Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder v2.23 (2.04) - decoder for Winamp (64,5 Kb), based on a code from Fraunhofer Institute (was standard in WA 2.64) and considered by one from the most qualitative decoders for reproduction MP3s. It is enough to copy in a folder Winamp\Plugins and to replace the were there file in_mp3.dll.

  • MP3Pro Audio Decoder v0.98 beta 5 (Russian) - russian plug-in (129 Kb) for Winamp, allows to lose MP3Pro-files with anyone bitrate. Simply copy the DLL-file in a folder Winamp\Plugins.


  • New! GoGo-no-Coda ver. 3.09 (for Windows, Linux и OS/2) - new version of the fastest MP3-encoder (206 Kb). Is operated from the command line. Supports many ОS.

  • New! MP3Pro Mass Encoder v1.15 - frontend-utility (533 Kb), permitting maximum to simplify process of converting of a set of files of different formats in MP3Pro 64 kBps. For compression Thomson MP3Pro Audio Player 1.0.4 is used (the availability) is not required it, and for intermediate transformation to the wave-file - Winamp, which should be installed on yours of PC. Before compression is automatically disconnected plug-in DFX 6 to exclude influence it of work on process of decoding in the Wave-file (in 1.15). The button of a conclusion of the information window as HTML is added, the option of the passing of converting of files with bitrate is lower 64 kBps (repeatedly to not convert mp3PRO), and option of switching of language (Rus/Eng). The support Winamp 2.78c (at 1.14 and 1.15) is added. Formats, which can be accepted by Mass Encoder, directly depends from Winamp-plug-ins, installed at you. Site of the author -
    The previous versions of the program - 1.11, 1.12 and 1.14.

  • New! WavPack v3.92 - suite (131 Kb) for compression of a sound lost-free (lossless). To achieve a large degree of a compression to you not удасться, there is a remarkable possibility to save a very valuable musical material in a constant original kind. Package includes 4 programs: an encoder (wavpack), decoder (wavunpack), founder selfextracting files (wvselfx) and plug-in for Winamp for reproduction of WV-files. A received average degree of compression - about 1:1,5. The compression with losses is possible. The work with 16 and 24-bit Wave-files is supported. Site of the founders -

  • New! Lame 3.91 (Stable Version) - stable version of the most popular and qualitative MP3-encoder (375 Kb).

  • OGG Drop 1.0 RC3 (Russian) - utility containing an encoder in the format OGG Vorbis (117 Kb). The given version of codec - RC3, differs from the previous themes, that except for optimization for low bitrates (that removes it in the competitors MP3Pro), the quality of sounding is improved, the choice of various variants variable bitrate is added, and also the possibility of the task certain bitrate (is natural, too variable). Compression/quality thus is possible more thinly to control a ratio and "to emulate" constant битрейт. The program has maximum simple russian interface. To begin coding it is necessary simply to drag on the window of the program the WAV-file(s) and the process will be started! Tunings slightly - there is only choice of quality, option of an entry of errors for want of coding in the log-file and mode Always On Top. Are supported bitrates from 64 up to 350 kBps for want of to sampling rate 44 кГц. In the given version the code sizing almost in 1,5 times is reduced! The defect - now degree of compression is set not as obvious bitrate, and kind of factor (percents), that is not so convenient.
    The previous version of the program (1.0 RC2) is accessible here (166 Kb).

  • GoGo-no-Coda for Windows v2.39c - fastest MP3-encoder (567 Kb), together with one from most qualitative on the recalls many "pro". Is based on a code Lame 3.88. The defect - has slightly Japanese interface in the beginning, but in the total all on English. If it is necessary to recode many files in MP3 or MP2 - the best choice.

  • Windows Media Audio (WMA) 8.0 - encoder in a format WMA (620 Kb) company Microsoft, is operated from the command line, contracts not only аудио, but also video-files. For audio are supported bitrates from 32 up to 192 kBps for want of to sampling rate 44 kHz. Microsoft compares WMA 64 kBps to a format MP3 128 kBps, promising similar quality for want of twice smaller file size. For facilitation of process of coding the frontend-envelope with the graphic interface for an encoder WMA 8.0 - is accessible - Windows Media 8 Encoder GUI 1.41 (335 Kb).

  • MP3Pro Encoder Full (DLL) - full version of the encoder MP3Pro as DLL-library (173 Kb) for Nero Burning ROM. Codes on all bitrates, up to 96 kBps. Has a possibility to operate parameters of coding, to select a velocity or quality, and also to disconnect a mode Allow Intensity Stereo Coding for increase of quality.


  • New! Mp3DirectCut 1.19 - The editor of the frames for MPEG-files (64,8 Kb). The work with the frames makes editing even of large tracks fast and easy from it by graphic submission. You can do selections for scraps, to save some chosen areas in the file or to change loudness, there is a possibility of normalization. There is a possibility to use FadeIn and FadeOut. For want of all for want of it is of any loss of quality! Because anything from your file will not be anew coded. You can hear an obtained outcome and even to make an entry new MP3s immediately on the rigid disk. The work with MP2 and MP3, infortunately is supported, does not support yet MP3Pro, but this business of time. The previous version of the program (1.17) is accessible here (64 Kb). Lite version 1.17 (23,6 Kb), without the description as GIF'a is accessible.

  • mp3Trim 1.77a - One more editor of the frames for MPEG-files (198 Kb) . Mp3Trim is intended for clearing, scraps and normalization MP3 of files. It is necessary to notice, that the clearing is necessary to majority MP3 (especially 128 kBps and below) and reduces a file size. A scrap is intended for files, which contain undesirablis noise. The normalization is used for magnification or diminution of loudness MP3. Mp3Trim works only on the boundaries of the MPEG-frames, not investigating in their contents. The use mp3Trim ONLY for scraps MP3Pro (normalization is possible, FadeIn and FadeOut spoil the file), is checked in practice!


  • New! Steinberg My MP3 Pro v3.0 (16,6 Mb) - Experience music in ways you never imagined with My MP3 PRo, the professional music handling tool. Now anything goes ­ from enhancing sound to organizing tracks and creating personal playlists. Regardless of where you want to get tracks from - Internet radio or CD - My MP3 is your ticket to the MP3 format. And then the only limit is your imagination: Play Internet radio and record the best tracks immediately as MP3s and mp3PRO. Turn playlists into MP3 files with ease, burn them to music or MP3 and mp3PRO CDs, or transfer them to the external hardware player. And courtesy of FTP, you’re connected to other PCs.

  • New! Razor Lame 1.1.5 - Very convenient and functional GUI-envelope (332 Kb), permitting considerably to speed up and to facilitate process of coding of music in MP3. Has the maximum effective interface, a-la WinXP. I recommend!

  • New! cdrLabel 4.1 - Not new, but extremely convenient, small and rather functional program (471 Kb), permitting fast to create a simple cover for disks CD-R/RW, containing datas, music (MP3 etc.) etc. Has the simple interface. I recommend!

  • MPEG Audio Collection (MAC) 2.82 - Convenient and multifunctional program (1,13 Mb), organizing and cataloguing yours collection. Has the simple and clear interface. Main possibilities: the fast scanning HDD, CD-ROM or CD-RW on media-files (MPA, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP +, MPC, TwinVQ and Ogg Vorbis), shows full info about the file, including a ID3-tag of versions 1.1, 2.3 and 2.4, realizes search in a collection on the name, properties, ID3-tag, can search duplicates of files, generates the reports in TXT, HTML or DIF-files, the built-in editor of covers for CD and much has other. The large gang of functions for Freewaree suffices, includes and multilanguages interface (more than 20 languages, incl. Russian). I recommend!

  • Encoder Info 0.1 (26.11.2001) - Utility-continuant of the encoder (162 Kb) , with which the MP3-file was oblate. From the similar programs differs by an exactitude, simple interface and fast reading of an information from the file. Supports CBR, ABR and VBR-files, and also codecs: Xing, FhG, LAME, Blade, GoGo, Shine. In the following version the determination MP3Pro will be added.

  • Nero Burning ROM 5.x.x.x (Demo) - Demo-version of the known program (10,7 Мб) for work with disks CD-R/RW from the company aHead with a built-in full-function MP3Pro-encoder (since version Is accessible on site of the manufacturer. Is insulting only, that Shareware :-(

Attention! All rights on the programs, accessible for loading from it site, belong to their holders.

Автор - Ignatiev Evgeny aka DJ Eugene

The site is created 12.10.2001
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